As many as 66 social enterprises have applied for the public competition for financial grants aimed at improving agricultural production within project “Plantation for Future”. Out of them, 43 are agricultural households and 23 different associations and organizations functioning on the principle of social enterprises.

According to the competition rules, the projects were supposed to be directed towards development of agricultural production in three fields: fruit growing, vegetable growing, and pig breeding. Out of the total number of applicant initiatives, 34 are in the field of fruit growing, 14 – in vegetable growing, 14 – pig breeding, 2 – fruit and vegetable growing and there is also one application for the construction of a cold storage.

All the projects fulfilling the conditions of the public competition apply for financial grants in the total value of 8 million dinars. Maximum amount of grants for individual projects is 1,8 million dinars. The selected projects will get financial support and professional advice of Delta Agrar as well as equipment, planting material and the possibility of product buy-up or placement.

At the beginning of June the project authors selected by the expert committee will sign an agreement with Delta Foundation about financial grant realization.

The public competition for financial grants within project “Plantation for Future” was open from 20th April to 8th May to all social enterprises regardless of their registration type (citizen associations, cooperatives, registered agricultural households etc) in the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

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