At CSR meeting in Crowne Plaza Belgrade Hotel Company Delta Holding has presented its 6th CSR report on sustainable and responsible business promoting the most important achievements in business processes, environment protection measures, investment in progress of employees and humanitarian activities during last year.

Delta Holding CSR report for 2014 is the fourth report produced according to the guidelines of Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and according to new and more demanding G4GRI methodology. “It enables us to make our report comprehensible to domestic and foreign partners and to compare our achievements to those of the international companies operating in the same field”, Marija Desivojević Cvetković, Delta Holding Strategy and Development Vice President said at the meeting.


The accuracy of the information in the Report was confirmed by KPMG, whose representative and senior partner in this audit company James Thornley said that new G4 standards ensured better-quality reporting in compliance with the stakeholders’ interests.

After Delta Holding Manager for Social Responsibility Tijana Koprivica presented the main points of the Report, the representatives of public, civil and private sectors discussed the positive influence of sustainable devilment on the entire social community.


“Trag” Foundation Director Biljana Dakić Đorđević, owner and editor of Econometer and Business Magazine Radojka Nikolić, Head of the Environment Protection Centre in Serbia’s Chamber of Commerce Dušan Stokić and Smart Collective Director Smart Neven Marinović emphasized the importance of cooperation, observing legal provisions, following European trends and promotion of sustainable philanthropic initiatives.

Despite the unfavourable economic situation in the society, companies need to make strategic plans and inform he public about their activities, particularly taking in to account the challenges of European integrations which can be overcome only through cooperation of all actors in the society, concluded the participants of panel entitled “Sustainable Development of Companies – Development of the Community”.

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