Delta Holding will give grants of over 7,5 million dinars to six citizen associations, humanitarian organizations and farming cooperatives with the aim of improving Serbia’s agricultural production through social entrepreneurship. Today Delta Foundation representatives have signed the grant contracts with the representatives of the organizations winning in the public competition “Plantation for Future”.

Project “Plantation for Future” was initiated by Delta Holding in order to improve agricultural production in the fields of vegetable growing, fruit growing and pig breeding while at the same time helping some of the socially threatened population groups. The competition was organized for all social enterprises, regardless of their registration on condition that their project advanced agricultural production and partially or entirely solved existential problems of vulnerable social groups.

As many as 66 social enterprises applied for the public competition. Out of them, 43 are agricultural households and 23 different associations and organizations functioning on the principle of social enterprises. Out of the total number of applicant initiatives, 35 are in the field of fruit growing, 14 in vegetable growing, 15 in pig breeding and 2 in fruit and vegetable growing.

The selection panel consisting of the representatives of Delta Holding, Delta Foundation, Delta Agrar, Trag Foundation and Team for Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction of the Government of Serbia chose the best six initiatives. The contracts were signed with these initiatives and the project authors will be paid the grant money while Delta Foundation and Trag Foundation will monitor the entire realization of the project.

Depending on the success of this year’s project “Plantation for Future”, Delta Holding and Delta Foundation are ready to increase the grant value next year. In that way the program initiators would like to expand the scope of this project and its influence on Serbia’s agriculture and in particular social entrepreneurship, which is still insufficiently known and acknowledged in our country.

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