The trial of the century is turning its in own opposite

„The man keeps exerting influence on elections, whether he likes it or not. The founder of Delta as the greatest product of new Serbian capitalism, he has always been criticized for interfering in the decision about which majority would make the government in the election ten years ago. I have never been able to understand that criticism because interference was in favour of the good side of history at the time.


However, a can of tar was thrown on him and when he decided to take it off he peeled his skin off too. However, let’s bygones be bygones – those are the times when Miskovic eagerly wanted to have influence. Today he does not want it (if one asked him, he would say he was sick and tired of it), but he is in the spotlight once again. His trial – hailed as the trial of the century – thanks to which Vucic got his halo of the fighter against crime and corruption, won the election and determined his political destiny, is gradually turning in its own opposite. That is why I think Miskovic can influence elections once again. First the judge conducting the proceedings was dismissed because he was not sufficiently promising. Moreover, as if it was not enough, this judge was removed from another position and finally expelled from the court.

Imposing justice from outside continued when Miskovic proceedings were separated, undoubtedly because of the assessment that there is nothing to be gained and that the acquittal amidst the election campaign would be not only an inadequately lenient punishment but a huge disaster as well. It is confirmed by the court award in the case of Miskovic’s son because it shows that Miskovic is likely to be acquitted. Of course, Miskovic fears the acquittal in the same way as the prison sentence because it is not easy to imagine the wrath of the one of power if he happens to lose.

Vucic’s one-time greatest victory might easily turn into his colossal failure. It seems that there are quite a few of those who would like to see that ancient drama even if eventually they had to applaud to the winner called Miroslav Miskovic.“

Radivoj Cvjeticanin

Danas, 31st March 2016

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