Miskovic: I want this to be over as soon as possible

Miskovic: I want this to be over as soon as possible

Belgrade – The trial against “Delta holding” owner Miroslav Miskovic has been continued today after three-month-long break due to his poor health.

Miskovic’s trial was separated from the one against his son and other defendants due to his poor health in December 2015. Today it continued by presenting evidence in relation to the charges against him – that in his business operations with the road maintenance companies he committed criminal offenses of tax evasion in assistance and abuse of office by a responsible person.

The court adopted the proposal of Miskovic’s defense lawyer that there should be a break every hour during the trial since the prosecution did not object to the proposal either.

Namely, Miskovic complained to the court chamber about his “permanently” high blood pressure which could, according to him, “affect his other ailments”.

“I want this to be over as soon as possible. That is why we have proposed making breaks”, said “Delta holding” owner explaining this health problem can be resolved only by an operation while he is able only to control his blood pressure by taking medications.

He stated that, having in mind his function in the company, he could spend maximum four hours per day at work.

Zdenko Tomanovic, Miskovic’s defense lawyer, said that Boris Brankovic’s expert opinion was confusing, superficial and inaccurate.

“The expert was a completely wrong person to choose for what the Prosecutor’s Office wanted to hear”, Tomanovic said..

Brankovic, a court expert on economics, was instructed by the court to investigate the charges against Miskovic in the part of the indictment referring to the abuse in the road maintenance companies.

The trial was continued by reading written evidence.

On his way to the court Miskovic briskly jumped the queue of journalists while waving to cameramen and reporters.

On 25th March Miskovic’s son Marko and other defendants were issued court awards acquitting them of charges for fraudulent activities leading to the decline of the road maintenance companies.

On the other hand, Marko Miskovic was sentenced to three and a half years in prison and the fine of eight million dinars for tax evasion while his company “Merainvest” must pay the tax in the amount of 320.3 million dinars.

Milutin Gasevic and Jadranka Bardic were sentenced because of assisting Marko Miskovic in tax evasion.

Gasevic was sentenced to two years in prison and the fine of 500.000 dinars while Bardic was sentenced to one year under house arrest and the fine of 250.000 dinars.

Miskovic is charged with helping his son Marko in avoiding the payment of withholding tax on the trading with the shares of PZP “Nis”.

Miskovic and his son Marko were arrested in December 2012.

They were released after placing the bails worth several million euros but their passports are still in the court deposit and they cannot leave their place of residence without court permission.

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