Seven teams to enter Delta Business Incubator

Seven teams to enter Delta Business Incubator

Delta Holding has selected seven teams to enter Delta Business Incubator. Out of 163 applications, 27 teams were invited to present their idea in front of a committee, which in turn chose the following for the Incubator:
• BNS ENERGY, Beograd
• DEVANA AERO, Beograd
• FRIGO GEL, Čačak
• HOTEO, Belgrade

Over the three months in this business incubator, all teams will have weekly meetings with a mentor, business consultant and attend trainings on various business topics (PR, marketing, finance, sales…). They will also be working on tasks that will help them develop their start-ups. In addition, each team will receive all the necessary inputs to develop their start-ups: from actual contacts and meetings with relevant persons, to the opportunity to test their product or service on our estate, hotel, or factory.

“In order to make progress, you must constantly introduce innovations and develop new programs, projects, products. We included the entire management of all Delta member companies in the implementation of this program. Twenty-one mentors from the company will be available to the teams in the Incubator. We hope that one day Delta will proudly say that it helped the development of a world-famous product or service,” explains Monika Pejčić, Delta Business Incubator Manager.

The committee that selected the teams to join Delta Business Incubator consisted of 13 Delta Holding employees and 15 prominent people from other companies, banks, audit firms, the media and the faculties. In this way, the potential of the applicant-teams and ideas was assessed more objectively.

After the three months spent in the Incubator, the teams will have the opportunity to present their business plans and ask for an investment from Delta Holding to further develop their start-ups.

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