“I, the Tycoon” Book Promotion Novi Sad

“I, the Tycoon” Book Promotion Novi Sad

 Miroslav Mišković’s book “I, the Tycoon” published by “Laguna” was presented before the large audience in the Grand Room of the Master Hall of Novi Sad Fair.

„I find business one of the most difficult professions in the world”, the author of the book Miroslav Mišković said. “You can work well as an educated doctor or engineer, as well as a trained football player, but no matter how much you studied business, it doesn’t mean you will be successful. In science, when you throw a stone, it always falls down to the ground. In business there are no such laws. That’s why doing business is different from everything else”.

Apart from the author, economic journalist Miša Brkić, journalist and marketing expert Voja Žanetić and “Laguna” director Dejan Papić also spoke at the promotion. Papić illustrated the unusual interest in the book “I, the Tycoon” by the fact that the first print run of 12,000 copies had already been sold and that the second edition of 6,000 books was printed.

“This book may serve as a basis for a good business philosophy to some people”, said Voja Žanetić in his analysis of the book. “To others it is a nice collection of quotes for daily guidance. To some other people it may serve as a warning against mistakes which should not be made. To a fourth group, perhaps with the largest number of people, this book will be yet another occasion for the famous sentence: “Who are you to tell me?!”

After the promotion the author signed the books for more than an hour and a half for all the interested readers. Promotions of one of the greatest “Laguna” bestsellers are expected in other Serbian cities as well.

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