Delta Holding gives grants to 28 students of agricultural and catering secondary schools

Delta Holding gives grants to 28 students of agricultural and catering secondary schools

During the two-year program the grant users will, apart from the monthly stipend in the amount of 10,000 dinars, also have theoretical business training and practical experience at Delta Agrar estates and in Delta hotels. After completing the program the best scholarship students will also have the opportunity to be employed within Delta Holding system.

“We enjoy sharing knowledge because it grows through sharing. It is not enough if only Delta Agrar has top-quality performance. We think that Serbia needs as many people as possible becoming familiar with technology and gaining knowledge and experience in modern agricultural production so that they will be able to apply it to their fields, orchards and farms. We will be happy if you, our students, outrun us in knowledge and results”, said Ivan Kostić, Delta Holding Vice President and Delta Agrar General Manager in his address to the new grant users.

This project is aimed at transferring the knowledge of Delta experts in agriculture and catering to the students being educated in those areas so that they will further improve business standards and build a perspective future for themselves.

“Last training cycle was excellent. The students were quite pleased with the knowledge acquired both in workshops and during their practice. They were additionally motivated by the grants which are much higher than those given by the state. I would like to emphasize the fact that one of our students was employed at Delta Agrar estate thanks to this project, while other grant users successfully enrolled the faculty – two of them came first in the enrolment lists”, said Milica Damjanović Tomin, Principal of the Agricultural School in Zrenjanin.

The director of Catering high school in Belgrade addressed the guests: “Cooperation between hotel Crowne Plaza (and previously InterContinental) and our school lasts for over 30 years. The students from the school were employed here, and this hotel is for the school and for the industry the best example and a leader who have been establishing working standards. That cooperation did not only educate the students but also the teachers that work at the school.”

Since 2006 Delta has given grants to the total of 309 students within this program. As many as 264 young people without parental care successfully completed the program. Two years ago the program included also students of agricultural and catering schools because those are two key areas Delta Holding deals with.

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