Six million dinars for the development of social enterprises in the field of agriculture

Six million dinars for the development of social enterprises in the field of agriculture

Delta Holding and Delta Foundation, in cooperation with Trag Foundation, have opened a new advertisement for their project “Plantation for Future” with the aim of supporting agricultural development in Serbia. The total of 6 million dinars will be donated to social enterprises in the public advertisement which will be open from 1st February to 23rd February 2018.
The advertisement is open to those social enterprises (citizen associations, cooperatives and foundations) registered in the territory of the Republic of Serbia which have three years of experience in the field of agriculture.
The projects for which social enterprises apply should be directed at improving primary and/or secondary agricultural production in one or several of these areas: vegetable cultivation, pig breeding and fruit cultivation.
The value of individual grants is between 120,000 and 850,000 dinars.
The applicants whose projects are short-listed will get mentor support from Delta Foundation and Trag Foundation in the development of their project ideas during a two-day seminar. After such mentor support they will submit their final applications and clarify them to the Project Approval Committee.
The Committee will declare its final decision about the support to the best-quality projects at a special public event organized during April 2018.
In the course of the project implementation, the grant users will have mentor support of Delta Agrar experts as well as professional support of Delta Foundation and other experts regarding the improvement and sustainability of business operations.
The deadline for submitting the project ideas is 23rd February 2018 until 16:00. The application for the job advertisement with the conditions and necessary documents for participating in it may be read and downloaded on Delta Foundation website:
Delta Foundation has been carrying out the project “Plantation for Future” for the past three years. In the first two project cycles, grants in the total value of more than 24 million were given to the best twelve projects from twelve towns in Serbia. In their social enterprises the grant users achieved important results: they employed and/or hired 165 persons from the socially endangered population categories, while almost 4,000 people had direct or indirect benefits from the project. At their plantations and farms they produced over 100,000 kg of fruit and vegetables, 911 fatlings and realized the revenue of 7,673,000.00 dinars from placing their agricultural products.

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