Partnership with Delhaize Group – A Step towards the European Union

Partnership with Delhaize Group – A Step towards the European Union

By signing the agreement between Delta Holding and Delhaize Serbia has made a huge step towards the European Union – not only Serbia, but also all the countries in the region where Delta Maxi operates.

Strategic connection of Delta and Delhaize will bring benefit to all stakeholders.

  • Through this transaction Serbia and the region get the European way of doing business in the area of retail introduced by Delhaize Group.
  • Delta will get financial support for further investments in the area of agriculture as well as for reducing the liabilities of the Company. As you know, agriculture will be the strategic business of Delta Holding and we think that agriculture should be the strategic orientation not only of individual companies such as Delta, but at the same time of Serbian economy on the whole. Therefore agriculture is our great opportunity.
  • The suppliers cooperating with Delta Maxi are getting a new market, primarily I think of Greece, Romania and Belgium. They are also getting the European business model applied by Delhaize Group.
  • The employees of Delta Maxi are getting the opportunity to work in a reputable European company according to the rules applied in the European Union.

I am using this occasion to remind you that Delhaize is not the first large investor coming to Serbia thanks to cooperation with Delta. We have already made important partnerships with the companies such as Banca Intesa and Generali, which are among the largest foreign investors that have entered the Serbian market so far. They have not only come to the market but are already achieving exceptional results as well. Today they are joined by Delhaize and we believe that this company will be equally successful in Serbia and the region.

Delhaize is also joining a very prestigious list of Delta’s business partners. They include, among others: BMW, Honda, Nike, Costa Coffee, Bayer, Syngenta, Pioneer, Beiersdorf, InterContinental Hotels Group…

Regardless of the future ownership structure of the company, Delta will be the strategic partner of Delhaize in the future and take care of the development of that company both in Serbia and the region.

In the end, I would like to wish Mr. Beckers and Delhaize Company successful business operations in Serbia and the region and to tell them that they can always count on the support of Delta Holding in the development of their business.

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