Young Leaders – Delta is hiring new generation

Young Leaders – Delta is hiring new generation

In the following period Delta Holding will expand its business operations and develop strategically important projects in Serbia, the countries of the region and the European Union and that is why it is opening an additional advertisement for Young Leaders.
The advertisement under the slogan “Emergency Job Advertisement for Outstanding People” will be open from 18th May to Sunday, 4th June at midnight. All interested people may apply exclusively online, at The advertisement is intended to graduates and students of the final year of all faculties.
The applicants who pass the selection process and become Young Leaders will undergo one-year program and acquire working experience through three rotations in different Delta Holding members. By changing their work places every four months they get a better and more comprehensive insight into the overall business, while they will have the assistance of experienced colleagues with the mentor role.
This program employing young and talented people without working experience has been promoted by Delta since 2012. During five years almost 14,000 people applied for this job advertisement and 107 candidates became part of Delta Holding business system.
See more details about the program Young Leaders at as well as on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn i Instagram accounts of the Young Leaders project.

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