Boris Tadic: “There was no evidence against Miskovic”

Boris Tadic: “There was no evidence against Miskovic”

Former President of Serbia Boris Tadic has confirmed that during his presidential mandate there was an investigation conducted against Miroslav Miskovic, but that Miskovic was not arrested because of the lack of evidence.
“I could never support arresting any citizen if there is no evidence”, said Tadic in his interview for the weekly magazine NIN. “Miskovic would have been arrested during my mandate as well if there had been evidence. Vucic arrested him on the basis of our investigation not paying attention to the lack of evidence and thinking only of his own popularity.”
“I could have acted just like him, but I didn’t because it would have destroyed the legal system of the country and made it possible to arrest any citizen without sufficient evidence”, said Boris Tadic, Serbia’s President from 2004 to 2012.

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