First days in renovated school

First days in renovated school

Fifteen children, students and preschoolers of the ‘Jovan Jovanović Zmaj’ elementary school in Dubočane village, started their new school year in the renovated school building.

During the summer detailed construction work was done – roof, façade and inner joinery were renewed, old outside joinery was replaced with new one, the flooring was done, as well as electrical wiring.

This is the second school which has been renovated in the Naše selo project. Elementary school in Mala Jasikova village was renovated last year after nearly 90 years.

Villages eventually die out without schools, as young couples and families lose their interest in staying on their properties – this is why promoting education through school renovations is such an important part of this project.

Delta Holding Company will continue helping villagers improve agriculture, as well as social and cultural life in this area.

The video of the first day in renovated school is available on this link.

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