Miroslav Mišković’s Book “I, THE TYCOON” Coming out Soon

Miroslav Mišković’s Book “I, THE TYCOON” Coming out Soon

From Friday, 13th April Miroslav Mišković’s book “I, THE TYCOON” (in Serbian) will be available for sale. An extraordinary autobiography represents a special precedent of its kind in the region and highlights the destiny of the man who has been writing Serbia’s economic history for four decades: he has built the European-class corporation, made a fortune, employed tens of thousands of people – but has also been kidnapped, arrested, subjected to the media harangue and labelled with the status of the state enemy.

Deciding to stop his decade-long silence, in his book Mišković promotes a new way understanding of business breaking up the prejudice and misleading ideas about the market, entrepreneurship, making money and private property. In his narrative, written in the so-far unknown form of an economic thriller, he reveals the principles of his business and presents the mechanisms on which he build the companies, increasing their values and eventually selling them while earning large amounts of money.

autobiografija Miroslava Miškovića
Knjiga Miroslava Miškovića JA, TAJKUN

The autobiography “I, THE TYCOON” is a personal and authentic testimony about economic circumstances, made without analytical generalizations and exclusively on the basis of the author’s direct experience. In it Miroslav Mišković  bluntly depicts the everlasting misunderstanding between the state and businessmen in this territory – the clash of the principles of ideology and doing business; he criticizes specific activities of specific people, sharply but not maliciously, sparing no one in his surroundings – not even himself.

Without any reservations, open and transparent, this is the book that will establish a new way of understanding the economic reality of modern times. 

The book “I, THE TYCOON” is available in all Delfi bookshops, Laguna book clubs, online at www.delfi.rs and Laguna website www.laguna.rs.

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