Today Delta Holding has given financial grants in the amount of 18 million dinars to associations and organizations for improvement of agricultural production. Best eleven initiatives have been selected in the public competition within project “Plantation for Future”.


Project “Plantation for Future” was initiated by Delta Holding at the beginning of 2015 with the aim of helping socially vulnerable population through improving agricultural production in the areas of fruit and vegetable growing and pig breeding. The competition included the associations and organizations operating on principles of social enterprises and registered in the territory of the Republic of Serbia. The value of individual grants ranges between 240.000 to 1.800.000 dinars, and more than 6.500 direct or indirect users will be supported in the second cycle of “Plantation for Future”.

Apart from financial support, selected initiatives will also receive expert support of Delta Agrar and the opportunity for the buy-up of produced agricultural cultures and cattle.

Our mission to strengthen agriculture in Serbia is shared by Trag Foundation which participates as an associate in the project, while support has also been provided by the by the Team for social inclusion and reduction of poverty of the Government of the Republic of Serbia.

In the second cycle of project “Plantation for Future” as many as 11 organizations and associations from almost all parts of Serbia will be supported:

Women Association “Breathe Life” from Stanišić empowers women and vulnerable groups through education, employment and self-employment. The financial grant of 1.250.000,00 RSD will be used for raising greenhouses for vegetable growing and 8 unemployed women with low qualifications as well as persons with disabilities will be engaged for these jobs.


Association “RRS New Bridges” from Surčin looks after refugees, exiles and displaced persons. The aim of this association is to use the financial grant of 956.0000,00 RSD for expanding greenhouse production of vegetables for 4 refugee families and 2 socially vulnerable families from the Municipality of Boljevci. Part of produced vegetable cultures will be donated to the most vulnerable families from Surčin.

Humanitarian Organization “Caritas” from Šabac helps women staying in the Safe House and persons with mental disabilities. With the aid of the financial grant of 1.800.000,00 RSD this organization will improve fruit production and initiate greenhouse vegetable production. These jobs will engage 6 persons from socially vulnerable categories of population.

Equestrian Club from Aranđelovac carries our social programs for young people, marginal groups and persons with disabilities. The aim of the Club is to breathe life into the village of Vukasovci and to employ those categories of population with difficulty in finding employment, so that is what the financial grant of 1.798.750,00 RSD will be used for. The revenues from agricultural production will be used for financing services of “Hyporehabilitation” (horse-aided therapy), which should make the club self-contained and sustainable.

Association of agricultural producers “Banatska lenija” from Kikinda promotes popularization of ecologically acceptable food production, connects participants in the production cycle, and organizes study tours, seminars and trainings. The financial grant of 1.200.000,00 RSD will be used for acquisition of the greenhouse with the irrigation system. Nine socially vulnerable persons will be engaged in work activities and as many as 36 by the end of the production cycle.

Citizen Association “Let’s Shake” from Zemun polje gathers parents of children with disabilities. The association provides help to parents and children through services of Inclusive centre “Meeting Place” located in Zemun polje. The financial grant of 1.500.000,00 RSD will be used for purchase of planting material, tools and equipment. These jobs will provide work engagement for 2 socially vulnerable persons while at the same time sustainability of services of Inclusive centre “Meeting Place” will be ensured.

Women Association “Let’s Preserve the Village” from Priboj helps unemployed women from rural regions of this municipality to make basic and supplementary income through agricultural production and village tourism. The financial grant of 1.606.516,00 RSD will be used for raising 8 greenhouses and employing 8 socially vulnerable families.

Youth Office Grdelica develops services for children and youth and promotes raising awareness about environment protection. The financial grant of 950.000,00 RSD will be used for raising plantations of cultivated forest strawberries and for employing 3 socially vulnerable women.

Association for helping persons with development disabilities “Let’s Live Together” Stari grad from Belgrade improves the quality of life for persons with disabilities and their families. The association will use the financial grant of 1.800.000,00 RSD to raise greenhouses and buy tools and planting material. It will engage five persons with disabilities for these jobs.

Red Cross Smederevo, Mala Krsna Centre prepares meals for users of soup kitchens in the territory of Smederevo, takes care of refugees, elderly people and socially vulnerable children. With our support they built a pig farm while they will use this financial grant of 1.800.000,00 RSD for introducing an automated cattle-feeding line. Three socially vulnerable persons will be employed for these jobs.

Association “Optimist” from Bosilegrad provides services aimed at supporting poor population of Bosilegrad and the south of Serbia by giving help in agricultural production. Raising greenhouses and purchase of plants and equipment for secondary production with the aid of the grant in the amount of 1.798.000,00 RSD will provide conditions for supporting two socially vulnerable families. Part of the funds will be used for supporting young entrepreneurs.

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