Delta has sold Delta City shopping malls

Delta has sold Delta City shopping malls

Delta Holding has sold its Delta City shopping malls in Belgrade and Podgorica to South African investment fund Hiprop specializing in the acquisition of modern and established shopping centres.

Through the sale of shopping malls, Delta has once again demonstrated its ability to create and develop valuable businesses, which is the mission of our company. With this latest transaction, Delta’s revenues from the sale of companies has reached EUR 1,8 billion.

Delta will invest the proceeds from this sale in further development of real estate, agriculture and distribution businesses. Delta is ready to invest 250 million euros in its major announced projects, namely in Delta Planet shopping mall, hotel InterContinental and new office building in Belgrade immediately upon obtaining building permits, thus providing a new impulse to Serbian economy.

We particularly emphasize that in the last ten years, Delta Holding has paid two billion euros in the budget of the Republic of Serbia for taxes and contributions. In line with this corporate practice, all applicable taxes relating to the sale of shopping malls will be paid in Serbia.

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