Contest for the seventh generation of Young Leaders: Are you ready for the challenge?

Contest for the seventh generation of Young Leaders: Are you ready for the challenge?

Delta Holding opened a competition for the seventh generation of Young Leaders entitled “Are You Ready for Challenge?” Interested graduates and final year students of all faculties can apply for this job by September 30th at midnight, exclusively on the site: 

Candidates who pass the selection process and become Young Leaders, gain first work experience in three rotations in different Delta Holding member companies. With the help of more experienced colleagues – their mentors, they will have a better and more complete insight into the entire business. Later on, based on their interests and company’s needs, together with HR, they will determine in which company and on which job position they will remain to work.

This innovative project for employment of young, talented people with no work experience exist since 2012. So far, nearly 16,000 candidates have applied for this program, and 152 have been given the opportunity to participate in it. Some of them today have important positions and roles in the company, such as the director of the Danubius factory, the director of the HR department, the director of Deltra Fruct in Russia, the head of the construction site of shopping mall Delta Planet in Banja Luka, etc.

 More information about the program and experiences of the previous generations can be found on the website Young Leaders and on Young Leaders social networks. This year, the Sixth generation of young leaders is awarded with certificates for successful completion of the program, and the first generation of the program in Montenegro start working.

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