Prosecutor altered the indictment

Special Deputy Prosecutor Tamara Ristic partially altered the indictment against “Delta” owner Miroslav Miskovic regarding his assistance in tax evasion. Namely, he is now charged with having advised his son with intent while knowing that he was breaking the law. In this way the charges against Miskovic are now more specific although it is the same criminal offense he was originally charged with.

The Deputy Prosecutor stated that Miskovic was charged as a person with the greatest influence on the management of the road maintenance companies, adding that he had advised his son to subscribe PZP “Nis” shares to Company “Mera Invest” and then sell them to “Nibens Group”. In that way Miskovic helped his son in evading the tax worth 320 million dinars and that is why Miskovic Jr. has already been sentenced to three and a half years in prison.

“It comes as an unpleasant surprise to us that after as many as three years the Prosecutor’s Office remembered to say what exactly Miskovic did. Now Miroslav Miskovic must prepare to state his attitude to new charges. I am asking you for sufficient time so that he can prepare his defense”, said Miskovic’s lawyer Zdenko Tomanovic.

Judge Maja Ilic said that Miskovic would have the opportunity to present his defense at the trial session scheduled for 26th May. She also added that both the prosecution and defense counsels should prepare to present their final presentations for that date.

(Politika, 11th May 2016)

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