Miroslav Mišković’s autobiography is in bookshops

Miroslav Mišković’s autobiography is in bookshops

Miroslav Mišković’s book “I, THE TYCOON”, published by Laguna Publishing House, is available today.

The book “I, THE TYCOON” can be bought in al Delfi bookshops, Laguna book clubs and online at www.delfi.rs and Laguna website www.laguna.rs. You can also order your copy directly from Laguna at https://www.laguna.rs/n3791_knjiga_ja_tajkun_laguna.html.

The autobiography “I, THE TYCOON” is a personal and authentic testimony about economic circumstances, made without analytical generalizations and exclusively on the basis of the author’s direct experience. In it Miroslav Mišković bluntly depicts the everlasting misunderstanding between the state and businessmen in this territory – the clash of the principles of ideology and doing business; he criticizes specific activities of specific people, sharply but not maliciously, sparing no one in his surroundings – not even himself.

“I have committed more than forty years of my life to business. I have acquired experience in state-run, private and transitional economy and I would like to share that experience primarily with young people. I believe that only young people can improve Serbia and place it in the rank of the developed societies and countries. I would like to encourage all businessmen because they are the ones who take the country forward. However, in our country traditionally they do not get the treatment they deserve worldwide”, says the author of the book Delta Holding President Miroslav Mišković.

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