Kostic and Miskovic Richest in Serbia

According to 2016 “Forbes” list, the most successful Serbian company is Miodrag Kostic’s “MK Group”. It is followed by “Delta holding” and “Knez petrol”, and then by “Veletabak”, “Victoria group”, “Nelt”, “MPC holding”, DIS, “Farmalogist” and “Mozzart”. All of them collectively had income of almost three billion euros which, according to “Forbes”, is only half of the profit Miroslav Miskovic alone used to make.

forbes_1200x1200“Forbes” mad its latest list on the basis of 2014 financial statements because the ones for 2015 are still being made. In 2014 Kostic’s business earned 537 million euros and had losses of five million euros. However, last year it recorded the income of 501 million euros. Although he had a decrease of 6.7%, Kostic finished the year of 2015 with the profit of 47 million euros.

In 2014 Miskovic’s company had the income of 433.6 million euros while its operating profit amounted to 51.1 million euros. This company finished last year with the profit of 43.3 million euros, which is the decrease of 15%.

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