He who stops working falls!

He who stops working falls!

Delta’s most important job is to create and develop high-quality companies. We have succeeded in it and that is why this year we have completed the sale of our important companies and real estate.


There is no pausing because he who stops working falls. We must develop existing companies and begin new jobs because it is the only way of creating the capital for future sales.


There is no pausing on the personal level either. Everyone must change and progress and that refers to all levels. In particular we support the education of young people. They are our future managers and they will be the ones to create our companies in the future.


I expect you to build a team; to make a good working atmosphere in which every person will be satisfied. The satisfaction of employees who are loyal to the company – that is our goal in the forthcoming period.


As for the external atmosphere and conditions, we know that they will not be favourable for business operations, but we cannot pay attention to it. We should not speak about objective difficulties. We should speak only about what we have actually done to complete our job. If we look at ourselves without complaining about bad conditions, we will have a successful year of 2016.


(Miroslav Mišković to Delta employees on the eve of 2016)

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