The representatives of Delta Holding and Delta Foundation visited the Children Village in Sremska Kamenica and talked with Srdjan Egic, Director of this institution, about new mutual projects. On that occasion Delta Foundation gave the Children Village a 500.000 dinar cheque as an initial investment for their new project – Educational Centre for Food Production. The visit was most welcomed by the residents of the Children Village who were presented with Nike sports shoes by Company Delta Sport. 

This ceremony was also attended by President of Delta Holding Miroslav Miskovic. Thanking for the visit and donation, Director of the Children Village Srdjan Egic said that it was “a great honour to serve this institution together with the sponsors of the Children Village and to continue realizing the idea of Hermann Gmeiner, the founder of children villages worldwide”. According to him, the donation will be invested in building a greenhouse, renting the land and buying the equipment for Educational Centre for Food Production. 

Delta Foundation has been cooperating with the Children Village in Sremska Kamenica since 2006 through program “Fund for Future” and since 2012 also on project “Strengthening the Family”. This project, which represents an important platform for prevention of sending children to social care institutions, has included 47 families and 132 children.

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