BELGRADE – The Appellate Court in Belgrade has ordered the Special Court today to reconsider the proposal by Miroslav Miskovic’s defense lawyers about replacing the detention by placing bail or sending him to house arrest.

The Special Court also has to justify clearly its decision since this Court has revoked the first-degree solution declining this proposal because of the grave breaches of the criminal procedure regulations.

However, the Appellate Court has at the same time confirmed the solution by the Special Court of 7th June to extend the detention for Miskovic and Milo Djuraskovic, the owner of “Nibens group” for another 30 days on the grounds of flight risk, reports the Appellate Court.

Adopting the complaint by Miskovic’s defense lawyers, the Appellate Court has revoked the solution by the Special Court of 4th June to decline their proposal about the guarantee determined by the court or about the prohibition of leaving the place of residence (house arrest) because of the grave breaches of the criminal procedure regulations.

The solution has been cancelled about declining the proposal by Djuraskovic’s defense lawyers about revoking his detention or replacing it by house arrest.

The Appellate Court has ordered the Special Court to eliminate the grave breaches of the criminal procedure regulations, to determine the factual state properly and completely and to give clear and justified reasons according to which it will conclude whether detention is a necessary measure in this stage of the procedure or the same purpose can be achieved with a more lenient measure proposed by the defense.

It is true that thousands of people have been interrogated and accused of business position abuse in the past few years, but in the meantime that act has been deleted from the Criminal Law and replaced by other, more tangible criminal acts.

Miskovic and Djuraskovic have been in the detention unit of the Central Prison in Belgrade since their arrest on 12th December last year.

After six-month investigation, the Prosecution for Organized Crime raised charges against the two of them and other nine people suspected of unlawful taking and usurping financial funds and property from several road maintenance companies in the period between 2005 and 2010.

The Prosecution suspects that in this way they caused losses of 16,95 billion dinars to the road maintenance companies and 472 million dinars to the budget of Serbia.

On 7th June the Criminal Deposition Chamber of the Special Court extended the detention for Miskovic and owner of “Nibens group” Milo Djuraskovic for another month because of the flight risk.

Miskovic’s son Marko has been under house arrest since April while the others defend themselves from liberty.

(TANJUG, 26th June 2013)