All witnesses confirm the evidence for the defence of Miroslav Miskovic

The trial against Miroslav Mišković for the operation of the road construction company has been going on for more than two years now and there still has not been a single witness to corroborate the allegations of the indictment brought against him. The statements of all witnesses heard so far clearly confirm the defence of Miroslav Mišković.

Tatjana Ilić-Evtimov, from Komercijalna banka:

She confirmed the Defence’s argument that she failed to take into consideration the loan agreements when calculating the interest, that she was not aware of the agreed instalments due dates, that she made the calculation applying wrong method without taking into account monthly changes, and that the figures that she used in her calculation had been provided by the police.

Zoran Drobnjak, director of Public Enterprise Roads of Serbia:

drobnjakHe confirmed the Defence’s argument that the owner of “Delta”, Miroslav Mišković was the only the investor in road construction companies.
„Neither he, nor anyone else from “Delta” entered the road construction companies. They have also never spoken to them regarding the management.”

Vesna Vojinović from “Camastra” accounting firm:

She affirmed that the legislation in force in 2008 did not envisage tax liability upon the contribution of shares of one company to another. Tax Police carried out tax audit and on that occasion, no irregularities have been established. In her long career, she has never seen that the Tax Administration treated such situation as capital gain.

Milutin Mrkonjic, former Minister for infrastructure in the Government of Serbia:


Has said that the owner of Delta Holding, Miroslav Mišković, was not the owner of road construction companies. He confirmed that Mišković had never called on him in connection with the business dealings of the road construction company in question, or any other business.

Jadranka Badrić accountant:

The tax on the disputed transaction did not even exist at the time when the transaction was carried out, pursuant to the then applicable regulations.
“We’ve been accused as a collateral damage of someone’s conflict with Miroslav Mišković.”

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